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I am hyper and i enjoy eating cheeze :B

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Blue :B

I am hyper and i enjoy eating cheeze :B

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Name: Brianna N. Wolf (literally!)

Production co.: Blue Halo Productions


Me- In charge of drawing the characters and designing them. (of course making the flipnotes aswell)

Nicole L.- Helps me record the songs I need.

Brie P.- Gets me to practice to draw more.

Kyli H.- Motavational instructer and counsiler

Bryan W.- Informational director and effects helper

Devon S.- Design + Personality helper

Sammi K.- Flashes+Slides+fadings director

  • We use audio from Youtube,Itunes, and movies/TV shows, we give credit to the original locations of the audio and do not own the audios that are shown (If they are they will be told so) We give credit to all Spin-Off Flipnotes that are done and we thank everyone from Hatena for being a great Fan/Friend.


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Full name

Blue Nicro Wacky XD jk BUT they do have does initails ^_^


um... idk i havint checked recently XD im a girl


Me: I'm 13 ^_^ My lil brother: NO SHES NOT SHES 12! Me: Shut up!!! D:<


Agust 25th ... i think :/

Blood type

... what? ... americain?


... i dont understand that big word so imma put... my bedroom floor :3


Junoir High... thats all im saying!

Place of residence

my house in a town in a state!

Place of birth

a hospital!


drawing,eating,soccer,football,basketball,science,working on flipnotes,talking,playing roblox

Special skills

my eyes change color... from green to blue to hazle back to green and starts all over lol and my greatgrandma says that i have a gift with being free handed? idk she said like i could just look at say a toy horse and i could draw it... which i can just not on my dsi


SOME french,spanish,and German... i prefer English