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I am on a break~

I got a 3DS for Christmas, so I've been obsessed with it so much. On top of that, I got a D and a C- on the latest report card, so I don't get electronics Monday-Thursday and maybe Friday. I've also started watching (and reading) a whole bunch of anime (and manga) that I've heard about on here like Fullmetal Alchemist (Finished), D. Gray Man (Working), Black Butler (Stopped), Death Note (Finished), and stuff like that. (I forget the rest)

When I do get on, the brunt of what I do is memes, chains, or random quizzes. Rarely will I do a PV, MV, or a drawing flip. I just can't keep the motivation going for these things. Also, I realized I just cannot keep a series going, no matter how hard I try. So if I randomly start up a new series, don't expect it to last. And PLEASE, don't fave me just for that series.

(I work on Insanity, trust me. The whole grounded thing really throws off my posting.)

If you want to do an art trade, collab, RP, or any of that type of thing, just let me know, and I'll do it with you. I can do that, at least. Or, if you have a meme you want me to fill out, tell me where I can find it, or even a Command Code. A Code would be best, but the other will do too.

And, if you tag me in something, TELL ME. If you don't, I probably won't do it until waaaaaay later, if at all. 'Cuz I'm just THAT awesome.

Oh, and when I say "stars are appreciated," I mean I would really like some stars but I don't want to be rude or star-beggarish. Stars and comments are my motivation, without them, I really fail.

Okay, some info about Maru!

My real name is Martha. Maru is a name my friend (whom I call Onee, and she's BlueWolf to you all. Or Solus.) gave me halfway through my 8th grade year. I am a CHRISTIAN! If this fact makes it so you can no longer like me or be my friend, I'm sorry. If you are also a Christian, or and you have a question, ask me. If I know the answer, I'll tell you. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask my pastor. Or, even better, if you want to become a Christian (which would so make my day), ask me how to go about doing it, and I will tell you gladly. I love the manga and anime Bleach, but I can't stand the English version of it, so I watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. I like to draw, I suck at it, but still. I love the Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Yu-gi-oh!, Poke'mon, MegaMan the whole nine yards. I am also a Tron nerd (at least, I'm working towards that status). I LOVE the Vocaloids. Miku and Gakupo are my faves! I love Japanese-pop and rock, Christian rock and pop, and Techno. Oh, if you ever want to hear my rant on 3 certain characters from Bleach (Ginjo, Aizen, and Ori Mei), it'll last awhile. I can't stand those three.

Um, so...that's me! Oh! One last really important thing before I leave this uber-long thng: