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~ Totally rewriting this, uuuh... ~

Hello, I'm Boonboon! :D

Just writing random stuff here, um...

Name: GAHAhA aske mee if you want to know c:

Age: 13. Waow.

Birthday: September 16th... nyeeehn

Country: Sweden, if that explains why my english isn't very good all the time ^^'

Best rank: 93 ._.

Favourite colour: Yellow, INTERESTING EH?

If you for some reason wants to talk to me, I'm in chatrooms quite often, try and find me there ;D

And if I don't answer your comments on my flipnotes, it's just me being lazy, sorryyy...

I do a lot of MVs, but i never finish them and never post them. i start a lot of drawings, but never finish them. I do maanyyy animations, mostly of dragons and stuff, but they always stay very sketchy.I do a lot of singing flips, but I never post them...

So be happy for the flips that I've actually posted xD




I've met a few really amazing, amazing people on here, thank you guys for being so amazing ;U; I won't make a list though, in case i would forget someone or the ones that I don't write down gets sad for thet... óuo


YouTube ~ FlipBoon

I've only send in two videos so far, but more will come, I pumice c;

Pokémon Black Version Friend Code ~ 0561 - 0784 - 1534

Tell me your codes if you want to battle or trade or something anyway xD

I have Skype too, but I only tell good friends, and I'll say that to you personally. (Same thing with Facebook, I only add my closest friends on there)

Pikangel family ~

This is the first hatena family that I joined... even though I wasn't good at anything on here, you guys were really nice to me, you're all really nice, and... oh dear, this is a really great family, full of amazing creators and amazing friends ^^

Derp Family ~

I was in a chatroom, when someone came up with the idea of making a family only for friends, and even though I didn't know some of you veery good, you let me in... ^^ Thanks to everyone in Derp for being such amazing friends! :'D

I sing a lot, I dance too, and I do theatre ^^ I play the cello, I draw very much, I play a little on a few other instruments, I read very much... things like that is what I like, love, to do, mostly. It kind of calms me down or makes me happy ^^

I liikee listening to music too, I like bands/artists like Coldplay, Florence + The Machine, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, Regina Spektor, Laleh, Oh Laura, Panic! At The Disco, Kent and more ^^ (that was quite many... o.o)

God, that last thing was just something because I have no idea what to write, so, uh, maybe I shouldn't write anymore...

Byeez :D

/Swedish Rainbow Unicorn Pony Strawberry Panda Ninja Shovel Jelly Turtle Freak Boon ~