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im just a 14 year old boy who can draw on paper but not on a ds but i have gotten better at it and i show my friends a school my flips and they say their really good so that encourages me! i like mario, sonic, pokemon, etc. (im nice and i like to talk so comment alot!) i have an Xbox 360 a wii and a ps3 for christmas! (if you want info on those just ask) oh, and if you want to be my friend say so in a comment, fave me and i'll fave you! k buh bai!

to my friends: you are all sub-admins to my channels! im not sure wat that means (lol) but i think it means you can edit the picture and description of the channel. if you have a pic that fits the name on the channel feel free to change it! ^FT^ so... yea thats it! peace out! dB

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