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I like stars alot more than comments

Up Date. 3/20

Der... xAx I haz no motivation at all...

Our houses air conditioning is broken too... e-e

update: 3/24/12

Yayz! i got back me motivation! ^^

Update 4/3/12

And... Its gone again..

Update 4/18/12

Heeey guys... im taken a break im playing pokemon tis fun..

Update: July 24

lol ive been gone for so long im back now! more flipers coming! ^^


ELLO!!! My name is... well you know my name tis right there! lol I'm weird.. I lov me Cr@ppy awesome Art (wtf that makes no sense!) ←shut it! weird voice! kay.. Wtf?! I'll stop being a phyco now to tell you stuffs..

************************** I have 3 rare incurable and you don't! So enjoy your life you lucky b@st@rd!!! jk lol I'm a god on rare dise.ase day... ewe The first dise.ase caused the my other 2 dise.ases , tis called Marfan (my dad says I draw Marfanime ha ha ha...) Marfan tis when the Aorta Is enlarged It might not seem like It but it causes ALOT of problems.. For instance Marfan gives you HOR.RIBLE joint p@in, It makes you really tall and gives you lots of other iss.ues I once had a collapsed lung.. it also gave me CFS!!! Cfs is a mystery dise.ase.. It drains all your energy.. Its not the tired where you can just sleep and you'll be better.. Its slow a p@inful. It feels like your implodeing in on yourself.. But don't worry I'm VERY thankful because another guy I know.. well lets just say my life is a bag of cupcakes compared to his. He has had a retnal detachment a collapsed lung a brain tomber he has ho.rr.ible joint p@in that he has to go to the hospital and get morph!ne for... But he is still always positive hes not gonna let some dise.ase his life... thats what I lov about him ^^ My 3rd dise.ase is Orthostatic Intolerance (he has it too) Its when you stand up and go completly blind for a few seconds your feet are also purple and you get dizzy alot (if you want to know more about this just ask me! ^^)

************************** o▼o facts about me!

I'm 14

I'm 6.25ft tall

I'm in 9th grade

I'm 108 pounds ene

I'm bise.xual

I have the most Awesome friends

I lov video games...

I h@te sonic the hedgehog

I lov Nintendo

I have a 3ds (4382-2474-8558)


Here are some of my buddys!



De@th (Candy)

Chodark 96


Art cat


Ninja Kiwi



Sun wolf (amber)

SodaCat (meh sis!)

Colin Voice

um can't think of any one else..

************************** well hope you enjoy me flips! Buh-Bye! o(^ω^)o