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UPDATE 3-30-16

To all who used to know me and somehow stumbled upon this, come find me on deviantART! My username there is IridescentMirage, but you may be able to type "Bramblefire" in the search bar and see some of my works. You should recognize the tear-marked cat in the pictures.



Let's see... Well, I love just about any kind of animal, I make a variety of flipnote types (including animal pics, AMVs, a stick fight or two, and Pokemon), and I started and lead Glory Brook (an RP group for animals, specifically cats). I only have one character that really isn't a character because I'm myself. I was the first to make a creator tag (kind of like a mini you with your name and command) and started a fad for them in the Hatena Warrior Cats world. I have many friends here from cats to wolves, and from humans to mythical humanoids.

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Bramblefire, IridescentMirage




young adult


Attempting to relocate all my old Flipnote Hatena friends - TODO COME FIND ME