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Name- Toxin

Gender- Female

Age- 17 -teen- (immortality voids aging)

Species- dragon, reaper.

-Tears open the body of a creature and takes it over. Parasitism, the creature when she leaves the body. She must have a balanced level of power in order to sustain the host.

Sexuality- bisexual

Theme song- iNSaNiTY (created by mat9five)

☣If Toxin is to walk past a dying creature of heaven, it dies.

If she is to walk past a dying creature of hell, it survives.

☣Family –

Sister – Vaccine (bacically the good twin)

Parents- unknown


Gadget (pet) – Rat

Ollie (friend) – Cat… thing… |:U (belongs to Elly – animeluver233 on deviantART)

(list based on RP’s)

☣Likes- Blood, Souls, Being Alone, Loud noises, hurting little children, killing, crushing hopes and dreams, knives, hate.

Dislikes- little children, most animals, bugs, competition, love, water, others, cereal, the color pink, preps, colorful things, heaven/heavenly beings, all good.

☣nocturnal, only sleeps for 4 hours a day.

☣Transferation (to ME) = when a reaper takes over the host creatures body.

I cant think of much more now. Ask me anything later :T


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