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Hey Every1! Thanks 4 going on my page! I'm a proud Directioner & almost all of my flips are going 2 be about 1D! I've been 1 since they were put 2gether! Niall is my future husband, just so u know! Lmao! My favorite color is blue. My favorite One Direction member is Niall James Horan & always will be! I've had this account since July 5,2012! I'm never ever ever gonna change my nickname! I feel like saying random stuff about 1D so here it goes!: Tacos,Kevin,Carrots,,Irish,Spoons,Vaz' Happening,She's Mine!,WMYB.GBY.OT.MTT.UANIWTTMALIWTTMALIWEAYSMH ( Real Directioners know what that means)Again,thanks 4 looking @ my page! I love my fans! I also adore comments! Please no hatemail! If u have nothing good 2 say don't say anything @ all! Love you guys!