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Hello There. I'm very sorry I haven't posted anything sprite related for a very long time! I lost all of my motivation after a huge problem last year. I want to come back to hatena, but to do that I have to post something super awesome like making a boatload of luigi BIS Sprites or making the rest of the Meta Knights that are left. If some of you got mad at me for posting that animation, I'm happy to let you know that's not what I'm planning to do for the rest of my time here, I made that Slow Fade flip because I wanted to make it at that moment and then I posted it. So prepare for at least a few sprite sheets this year from me. I will be making some Gim sprites, I know that. Those who have seen my video on youtube, you saw me teach red and black shading. I used Gim as an example. So check that video out if you want to learn, or just see what the sprite will look like.

What to expect:

(1) Gim Sprites

(2) Luigi BIS Vol. 3

(3) Meta Knight Vol. 3

Please realize I can no longer chat on Hatena. Don't ever ask to chat with me or ask to chat with my sister. I'll just hang around for a bit. If I end up not posting anything this year, it's because of loss of motivation or boredom. If I don't answer you, ask my friend Ultron, he'll tell me your question and I'll either answer you or he'll answer you for me.

Alright, Attack of the Past. I'm very sorry, but that is most likely to be gone forever. I told my friend Ultron he could finish it, but I might end up remaking it, not continue it. I never had a storyline prepared, so now it's going nowhere. I need a revised storyline first. So that'll sum up your questions about that.

That's all! Get ready for the return of Flatron!

Updated: 6/29/12