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Hey guys! On hatena im known as Brikay. I love meeting new friends and watching flipnotes! :] If you comment something on my latest flipnote I'll be sure to comment back! ;D

Heres some things about me:

Fave food: Pizza and Chicken Wings

Fave channels: TLC, Slice, Space, Spike, Family, and Discovery. But secretly I watch anything! .w.

Fave colour: Blue

Fave show: Well im not that sure maybe 'Doctor Who' Idk

Fave fruit: Cucumbers and Carrots xD

Ehh...Im gonna stop there.

Before I thought I was terrible at drawing! But my friends and fans proved me wrong! Thank you guys! >w<

I made 3 channels called:

Stars are appreciated!:)

Brikays Channel


If ya want then you can post there! :'D

I might seem like a quiet person but piece of me can blab about anything! I don't do that 'cause people might find me annoying. ;u;

Anywho I hope you guys check out my flipnotes (if you want)!

Thanks for reading this!

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