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Name: Brin


If I trust you i'll give you number and Skype.

Im taking requests like usual. Price depends on difficulty. Any request may be payed with color stars instead of 1000+ regular. I take any color stars.

Feline Charaters:

Mintstripe: HopeClan

Wirethroat: HopeClan

Eaglespirit: HopeClan

Inktail: NightClan

Benji: LostPride

Pepper: Loner

Canine Characters:

Blaze: Lone Wolf

Unnamed: Lone Wolf

Jingle: Lone Wolf


Leader: Mintstripe (Me. She doesnt want Mintstar)

Deputy: Undecided.

Medicine Cat: Petalglow

Warriors: Cactustail, Eaglespirit, Wirethroat