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Hewwo!! I am BritanniaAngelKirkland!! But you can call me Angel~!! My name's Jessica and I am fifteen, a freshman in high-school >3 I am Emo/Scene girl :3

I love to write and draw. I draw Anime and Manga. But I like to write fanfictions. :3 Haha!! i love to over use emotion. Like smileys (: hah! I am really random. -SQUIRREL!!- omg!! 0-0 lol. I am really shy but i will open up once you get to know me. I love to listen to music. With out it, I could not live. :P I listen to pretty much all kinds of music. But country.. eww.

I am a major Otaku!!:3 I love to cosplay~ My current favourite anime right now is Hetalia~ But I love watching a whole bunch of different animes. I also read and write manga.

From Hetalia, I am currently stuck on Russia/Poland/Romano/Germany for cosplaying~ heh.

I also love to Role-Play and I can rp pretty much anything.