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I'm a random person, super shy, and my shyness makes me a loner, and my people skills suck, sooooo, yea. I feel sorta feel free to express myself on ze INTERWEB, but now I don't, since the people on the internet, are the same in real life, I know that now. The only way I can show my true self, is on my drawings, because I know they won't judge me, call me ugly, make fun of me on my fantasies..- Sigh - I wish I met someone like me.. The good thing is, that I have 4 good friends, Jenni, Ashleigh, Arely, & Evelyn..There is one guy that treats me well, but I dunno if we're friends.. DEL, Y U NO LIKE ME ? I'm going to go cry in the shower now.



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I don't even know.