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Whaddupp sluuutttt ^^

its Julianna alexis (;

You ho.es can call me Julie .

im 13 . thats wasssup ^___^

One directionn [DIRECTIONER] <3

Austin mahone [MAHOMIE] <3

Justin bieber [BELIEBER] <3

i loveee mac milller<3

i loveee Justin Bieber<3

i loveee Austin Mahone<3

i loveee Josh hutcherson<3

i loveee Frank Twitchy<3

i loveee David Rodriguez<3

i loveee Christian Beadles<3

[Nicki minaj Concert : 6/23/11' <3]

[Kid Cudi Concert : 5/13/11' <3 ]

「Ranked #10 - April 7 , 2012.」

im not the perfectest girl, im not the skinniest,pretttiest,coolest, but im ME, only ME & thats all ill ever be.






{ ∞ forever a directioner. }

_ Summer 2012 ∞;

"Shot me out of the skyy,your my kryptonite''

''If im Louder , would you see me? would yo lay down, in my arms and rescue me?''

''Baby you light up my world like nobody else,the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed''

''Katy perry's on replay, shes on replay. dj's got the floor to shake. the floor to shake.''

Niall James Horans wife - to - be - >>