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IM BACK!!! And im Here with a new stile of animating! I wached a flip where my favorite creator, Epic and Gutar, said they use the smallest pencil to draw since its similar to a regular pencil. That inspired me to try it as well and BOOM!! I made a compleated drawing of Zekrom on the Dsi. I have to say, im realy satisfied with how it came...exept for the feet...but im glad i made it. Im now working on MV's (Music videos) for every legendary pokemon from Kanto to Unova! Here are a few spoilers for their themes:

Mewtwo: Place for my head. Linkin Park

Deoxis: E.T. Katy Perry

Zekrom: Down with the sickness. Disturbed

DONOT STEAL MY IDEAS!!!!! Or elce.. ill find u... i know whaere u live...not realy cuz thats just weird o3o. lol. enjoy Bumblebee 2.0.