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My name is BunnyBoy. I'm often use my Nintendo, than i am playing Flipnote Studio. I think it's a great program. I've learned a lot. I also got a lot of inspiration. Flipnote Hatena is a program for young and old. It is a small animation program, you can use it easily. The computer is a lot harder. You can also share Flipnotes. Once you have created your own Flipnote, you can then share it with friends and family! Once Nintendo DSi users become registered users of Hatena's website (http://flipnote.hatena.com), they can share Flipnotes with others using the community website Flipnote Hatena, a public online service maintained by Hatena Co. Ltd. Connect to the Internet to upload your own Flipnotes, and to view and download Flipnotes created by others, all from your Nintendo DSi system. You may also view Flipnotes from your personal computer on the Flipnote Hatena website. You can also send Flipnotes you have created to a friend using a local wireless connection. Make sure your friend has also downloaded Flipnote Studio to their Nintendo DSi system, and once you've exchanged Flipnotes, you'll automatically be registered as Flipnote friends. Quick Tip: The Frog will inform you if a Flipnote is sent to you via Wireless Communication, or if you've previously attached a note to the current calendar date. The sender of the Flipnote must tap the ‘’Send’’ Button on either the tools screen or the details screen of a Flipnote file. The recipient must then watch the title screen on their Nintendo DSi system for instructions. You can communicate using a comment, and you can give your opinion by giving stars. You can also use your Flipnote as an opinion about something. I think you can easily create a Flipnote. To start making your own animation, tap "Create Flipnote" from the main screen. Use your stylus to start drawing on the touch screen of your Nintendo DSi system. To add pages to your Flipnote, press right on the control pad. Quick Tip: Slide the stylus on the Touch Screen while holding the L Button to move the canvas. To change your drawing tools, go to the tools page on the menu screen by pressing up on the control pad. Once you're ready to preview your animation, press down on the control pad to view. Quick Tip: Try turning the lightbox on when creating Flipnotes. It can help you make your Flipnotes animate smoothly from page to page! You can also add recorded sound to your Flipnote, and use pictures you've taken with the Nintendo DSi Camera application. If you mix Sounds into a Music project and then erase the individual sounds, they will remain in the Music project. Try creating different sounds, then layering and mixing them into the Music project. You might become a one-person orchestra! Be sure to save your work often! Quick Tip: The Flipnote icon (thumbnail) will display the last page you were working on when you saved the Flipnote, so save while a favorite page is open. Unfortunately you have to remember that there is no privacy on your Flipnotes. But you can lock them! I Really Thanks Nintendo, for this great program! I hope you will enjoy it, good luck with your next or even next Flipnote!

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