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Why, hello there! Salutations, and welcome to my creator's room. Come on in, have a seat, grab a soda from the virtual fridge. You've reached the user information menu, so...I guess I'll tell you a little bit about my Flipnote origin story!

My name is SnowyOwl, and I joined Hatena on September 14, 2009. I had downloaded Flipnote Studio about a month earlier, and was hooked from the beginning. My earliest flips were mostly doodles and bare-bones animations, but within time, I realized (along with many other creators) that the flipnote software could be used to tell even bigger stories.

Before Hatena become my main creative outlet, I wrote and told adventure stories all the time with my brother. Of course, I still do such things if I have time, but with school and all, I'm mostly confined to Flipnote on the weekends. :D

My real dream, though, is to work in the movie business. I'd love to work on the set or behind the scenes on a motion picture someday, whether it's for lighting and electronics or writing and editing.

So, what are some of my favorite things? Here's a quick overview:

COLOR: blue

MOVIE: Ooh, that's tough...currently, I'm into "The Social Network" and "The King's Speech." I also love all of the Pixar movies and a golden oldie that I used to watch as a kid: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

VIDEO GAME: Any Mario game, and all the games in the Professor Layton series.

TV SHOW: Well, I don't watch TV much in my spare time, but I do like to catch episodes of "Mythbusters" and "America's Funniest Home Videos" whenever possible.

ANIMAL: owl (In case you hadn't guessed. :D)

BOOK: Another tough one. I love the Harry Potter books, but I also like the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series and most other fantasy series.

SPORT: I'm not the biggest sports fan around, but I do like to shoot the basketball around occasionally and ride my bike. I also like to swim in the summertime.

INSTRUMENT: clarinet

AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITY: Anything performing-arts related (i.e. stage crew, one-act plays, etc.)

SCHOOL SUBJECTS: English and Science

BAND: The Beatles. So many classic songs! :D

FOOD: spaghetti (insert Weegee face here)

DRINK: milk


Q: Where did the name "SnowyOwl" come from?

A: Well, with owls being my favorite animal and all, I just had to do something owl-related. :) I have a special connection to the snowy owl since my grandmother, who passed away in 2002, loved all Alaskan and arctic creatures. I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter, whose owl, Hedwig, is a snowy.

Q: How can I get my flips/profile noticed?

A: Here's my advice: stay original, be nice to others, and don't beg for stars, faves, etc. Also keep in mind that notoriety won't come instantly: I've been on this service for 20 months (as of May 2011) and have worked hard to get here.

Q: Can I have your phone number/e-mail?

A: Sorry, I don't give personal information out on the Internet.


A: Yes, I'll admit that my drawing skills aren't the best in the world, and there are many far more talented artists than me here on Hatena. However, I believe that if you have a great clever or funny idea, the art isn't a big factor. You just want to get your idea across to people and make something they enjoy! :) But still, I am trying to improve my art, cartooning, and animating skills as time goes along.

Q: Can you check out/watch my flips?

A: I am happy to view the work of any of my fans and friends, but the problem is, I simply don't have much time. I am usually doing homework or other activities, meaning that I only have brief moments to check out my stats and friends' flipnotes. Sadly, this means that most comments asking me to see your flips will go unnoticed, as I don't have time to cycle through each and every comment. Still, I will try my best to get back to you. Your best bet is probably to post to my official channel, "SnowyOwl's Channel."


I love making comedy flips, but sometimes I like to make emotionally affecting flips that speak to topics in everyday life. In any event, I hope I have entertained you guys, and I'm so glad to be part of the Hatena community. Keep on being awesome, you guys! :)

Well, that about does it for the user information section. I'll occasionally make updates here, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! :)

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UPDATE: Sadly, I have decided to cancel the creation of the "Hall of Awesomeness." There are just so many incredibly friendly, creative, and awesome people on Hatena that it would take forever to make! :) Also, I didn't want to insult anyone in case I forgot to include them. Thank you all for your continued support. You guys are the greatest! :D