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Hello ^^ I don't know why you could have clicked my account, but thank you for taking the time to read this! I am ChibiWolf, and yes, I have left Flipnote Hatena. (For many reasons) Unlike what most people have said, I don't regret leaving. In fact, I'm simply going further into what I want to do. Soon, I will be moving to YouTube, where I can put animations with Flash. I've already started on DevinatART to make my artwork better on the computer. I do plan on returning to Hatena, when that may be, I don't know. If Flipnote Memo comes out before Christmas, I won't return. (I'm getting a 3DS in December.) I will go to Flipnote Memo, IF it has a site like this. But I have some words of advice.

Flipnote is about sharing your creations with the world, much like any art/video/etc. site, if you come here for that, you'll be a great person. If you come for frame, stop right there. Flipnote, or anything, isn't about frame, it's good if you're popular, it means a lot of people like/love the work you do. This is my reason. I was here to get myself known. I did make a mess of things, but guess what? I'm only human. I was here for your entertainment, maybe one day, I'll be it again.

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