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Do you want to learn about me. Well read this. I have a family of 4. There's my mom, my dad, my sister, and me. I have 2 dogs named Molly and the other one's name is Emma. Molly is a Shihpoo which stands for Shih tzu mixed with a Poodle. Emma is a Maltese Pekanese which stands for a Maltese mixed with a Pekanese. I used to have a bunny named Mac. But then he died. My best friend's name is Ryan. My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is 4. My favorite T.V. shows are The Amazing World of Gumball, Pokémon, Regular Show, SonicX, all Disney XD, and all Nick. My favorite video games are all Sonic games, Pokémon, Madden Football, MLB The Show O9, Little league world series baseball 09, and The Bigs2. My favorite sports are soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis