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Yo, My name is Cole, and I LOVE flipnote hatena, I'm 13 years old and I started posting flipnotes over a year ago, my favorite creators are, gizmo, owen5gs, lukeguy, sir isaac, gorchdude, frank g., Bluepeach, R0N4LD and anthony. and flipnote has to be on my top five favorite games. And by the way if you were wondering, I am a boy, and if anybody asks if I'm single, I'll call 911........and I am not joking! (Girls beware!!)

Flipnote Friends

DjDude (I haven't seen him in a long time)

Owen5gs (Awesome at drawing)

Gorchdude (Awesome at visual effects)

Bluepeach (Epic at action flips)

Tycoon (I know him in real life)

Sir Isaac (When it comes to Comedy, he's da man)

Gulpin/Sewaddle (My first friend, haven't seen him in a looooong time)

Cowlick90 (wicked awesome)

Austin (witty and funny)

Blacksamri (an awesome dude)

Kira (One of the best, most helpful friends on hatena)

Frank G. (just plain awesome)

Vac Josh (Original Lawlz)

Reiner (a very cool guy)

R0b (AN epic dude, wit epic flips. ATTENTION! ANYONE READING! R0b H4TES himself, and i go through each day thinking to myself, that talented yound lad thinks he's a forgoffadoofen! Well, I'm not gonna go through a SINGLE day thinking that. R0b needs ya'lls support. his i.d. is Epikness, his current name is R0b-Day. Look him up, Encourage him, or so help me i will stalk u for a 2 months, 19 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes, 20 seconds, 185 milli seconds, and 2930 nano seconds. Get to it!)

sorry if I missed ya.



10 (reached thanx to everyone.)

25 (reached thanx to everyone.)








5000 (Reached thanx to everyone)

7500 (YAH! REACHED!)




75000 (.-. HOW DID I MAKE IT THIS FAR?!)



50 (reached thanx to everyone)

100 (reached thanx to everyone)

250 (this is reached baby!)

500 (reached 2 da max.)

1000 (reached. how is it possible?)



stars or comments from famous people

lukeguy (reached! he's awesome!)

mcboo (reached! twice! say what?!)

hoot (holy snap, yes!)




cwilcox16 (Mmmhmm, He rulez!)

squirt (Can u believe it?)




(I'm almost halfway done! :D)


(i got this idea from Gorch. I give credit to him)

Reality Dsi

Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Reality show

Description: This tells the tale of 13 unlucky winners to a low budget reality show. These characters include people from my first flipnotes. Battling sharks, monsters, quicksand, lazars, food, and just plain epic randomness, this is a fun show with strange moments every 5 secounds. The final two was Chowder's Hat and Cody, but in the end, Cody won.

Rating: PG (for fantasy violence, crude humor, and brief language)

Cody Unleashed

Genre: Comedy/Action/Adventure

Description: Cody is your common loser and thinks that he has no part in life. Until one day, Asis from BosS says that he is the chosen one and is destined to defeat Dr. EVIL and his companion Doctor Octoganopus. I eventually cancelled the series because I look back at it and I become embarrased because is stupid and a bit Cliche. You know, the guy with super powers has to beat the bad guy with super powers. LAME! So I just ended it.

Rating: PG (for violence)

Total Drama Dsi

Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Sequel/Reality Show

Description: Ready for more? Reality Dsi is back with more thrills, characters, and laughs. In the sequel to the show Reality Dsi, 13 unlucky winners are back to fight for 1 Million Purple Stars in the not-as-low budget show! The characters go through more contests bigger, badder, and wackier than the first. More danger and fun come to the island, Music Videos, Dogdeballs, haunted houses, comets, psychos, traps, and even alien portals!

Rating: PG (for some brief violence, scary images, and crude humor)


Genre: Horror

Description: when four pre-teens have four different horrifing nightmares on the same night, they all become suspicious. Especially since each day they're nightmares begin to come to life! Until the day comes where they must face their nightmares, creatures, holes, shadow hands, and creepy figures or get ki!!ed.

Rating: PG-13 (for strong violence, violent content and frightning images)


Genre: Horror/Sequel

Description: as a sequel to the hit, entertaining horror series, Cody, Alex, Kevin, and Cooper are revisisted by Freaks and Creatures in 'Fear'. Except this time, they are visisted by their worst and greatest fears. Once again, they team up to destroy these horrible things once and for all. After watching this, you may fear getting close to spiders, clowns, elevators, giant buildings, pens, and 100%.

Rating: PG-13 (for strong violence and violent content)


Genre: Horror/Sequel/Action

Description: It's over, Cody, Alex, Kevin and Cooper have finally defeated their Fears and Nightmares, but who is behind all of it? They may suspect the cloaked figure going on a killing spree. one by one, the four of them get ki!!ed, secrets unravel and surprises are formed. Can you figure out the ki!!er behind all this? Back to make a trilogy to hit sensation series 'Fear' and 'Nightmares', 'Bender' is a freaky series about Psychos, Fires, and chocolate potato chips. Who is the mysterious ki!!er? And what does he/she want?

Rating: PG-13 (for strong and graphic violence, violent content, and disturbing images)


Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: Hey look. It's a hobo with a hat stranded in the middle of the sea. Why not put him on flipnote? Say hello to the new charater, Cooper.

Rating: G


Genre: Holiday

Description: Just a short little flip of all the flipnotes I did in the past year of 2010.

Rating: Not Rated

Reality Dsi Finale

Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Reality Show/Special Event

Description: Here we go! The final two to the most randomest and low budget show. The finalists, Chowder's Hat and Cody, must find the 1 Million Purple Star Dollar in a secret hidden suitcase somewhere on the island, or get ki!!ed by the other suitcases full of traps. Who will win?

Rating: PG (for mild peril)

Happy B-Day Dad

Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: What do you get when you mix Cody with his Dad's birthday? A complete ruckus. When Cody forgets Dad's b-day, he rushes through everything he can find. Will Dad like it? Or despise it?

Rating: G


Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: Hey, I posted 100 flips. Why not do something special right? So let's make a special event flip. Too bad Cody can't remember his lines. Well, at least this flip hasn't been posted. Oh wait. It has. Watch the deleted scenes to the special "100 flips posted" flip.

Rating: PG (for crude humor and brief language)


Genre: Music/Support

Description: We should all do our part. Post a SMILES 4 JAPAN flip today. Japan needs all the support it can get.

Rating: G

Ball vs. Obstacle

Genre: Comedy/Escape/Maze/Adventure

Description: This is no ordinary ball. See if this guy can get out of this maze in Ball vs. Obstacle!

Rating: PG (for fantasy violence)


Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: Remember Cody, don't touch this machine. Of course, you can never trust that bald idiot. After touching the machine, Kevin, a total brainiac, joins hatena.

Rating: PG (for fantasy violence)

Science Fair Fiasco

Genre: Comedy/Mystery/Special Event

Description: Who done it? Someone has sabotaged Kevin's machine. Pick up the clues in this 3 part special event and uncover the person behind the fiasco.

Rating: PG (for brief violence)

The Owen Collection (T.O.C)

Genre: Comedy/Spoof/Prize

Description: "So what's new Owen?" "Same old, same old. I've learned this new thing." "Really what is it?" "BLAAAAAAA!" Owen is a 'Fire in ma lazar' in 'The Owen Collection'. After winning my profile picture contest, I decided to make Owen5gs a flipnote, 'The Owen Collection'.

Rating: PG (for fantasy violence)

The Owen Collection 2

Genre: Comedy/Sequel/Spoof/Special Event

Description: Thirsty for more? More lazars and blaaaas in this sequel to the original. Flashbacks, slices, music, ipods, girlfriends, and pants, this is a fun slapstick humor flip for everyone.

Rating: PG (for violence and crude humor)

Fun Game

Genre: Puzzle

Description: Can you find your way through this perplexing field of mazes? Put your stylus on the screen and trace it through the empty spots. Don't hit black, or your dead. Try Hard, Harder, and Expert!

Rating: Not Rated

MV Collab

Genre: Music/Special Event

Description: A MV Collab. That's all.

Rating: Not Rated

Happy B-Day Bro!

Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: Beau is 5. But he doesn't know it. Even if we throw him a happy birthday party.

Rating: G

Happy B-Day Big Bro!

Genre: Comedy/Special Event

Description: What should Cody get for Alex for his Birthday. Why not ask mom? Oh, wait, she's a female. How about Beau? Oh that's right, he's fluently gibberish. How about Dad? Ew, his advice is sappy. But in the end, he uses dad's advice after all, but Alex isn't exactly happy about it.

Rating: PG (for a violent reference and rude humor)

The Owen Collection 3

Genre: Comedy/Sequel/Spoof/Special Event

Description: It's been 54 flips. I don't think Cole9678 is make a third T.O.C. Well guess what, you just got Powned, because he is. Ever barfed lazars? Ever lazared at Doctor Octoganopus through the phone thin