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Hi I am Carly and I am from icarly.I a big fan of one direction.I like the members of the band in places.I like Harry the most of all.Then I like nillal. After I like liam and Lousie and last but not least Zayn.This is the order that I like the band members.I alos have a club. I am not a star begger or heart begger.I am helping hantana to get rid of the scams and some inappropiat flipnotes.Also dont chang my channels name or descirpson or you will have consequences infront of the web.The consequences are you will loss your cinzinships permintly and your hantana accout.If you ever report my flipnotes or erase my flipnote the consequences are here.If you are a star begger or heart begger you may not join my club.If your or one of your flipnotes are in any type of scam channel you may not join.Please read description before posting in my channel or any of my channels.For people who join my club Thank you for helping and I need your help to avoid people from posting scams.Thank you for your support. P.S.Thank you for the people who follows the rules and my channel rules thank you very much for joining and reading.sorry because it is long.Thank you for reading.