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I am Chloe A. I live in the crappy town of Minot, North Dakota. It's crappy because of it's weather... My fav colors are black and red. I'm a tomboy and emo.I used to cut but I've been sober for a month.(I'm trying to stop)I love to hang out with friends, be crazy, random, funny, outgoing, weird, and a bunch of other things..... I'm 11 years old and I will not accept any kind of abuse/bullying towards me or anyone else whether I know them or not. I'm bisexual and I'm in 6th grade. My birthday is June 8th, 2000. If you would like to know anything else please go to my chat room and message me or make a meme and title it a MeMe for CJ and post it to the weekly topic channel... Thx! BTW I'm a GIRL!!LOL BYE EPIC AND BEAUTIFUL PPL!!