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Whats up everyone? Im Partyaniml, call me PA or Party. Which ever you prefer. Or,you can call me by my real name, Cameron. -w- Anyways, Im a 12 year old boy who lives in Massachusetts, I LOVE hockey. 0w0 some other things I like are The Wii, Skyrim, Violence XD I honestly perfer sports games over war games, My favorite TV show is a Haunting. -w- My goal on hatena is to get at least 50 fans, 20000 stars, (done) and be ranked at least in the 900's. It may not seem like it, but behind all this craziness and randomness in me is a dark gloomy and serious side. Why I am like this, I'd rather not tell you.( Im not emo for you haters who call me that -_- Sooo cya The easter bunny will find you and give you explosive choclate eggs. -w- so bye. -PA