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My name is Marie.

I was bourn in Canada and moved to the states.

I speak french as a first language, most people do not understand my dialect. :/

Im trying to learn Spanish but im forgetting english.. D×

I am a sophmore in high school.

I have one blue eye, one green eye.

I would like to think of myself as attractive.. xD

Im a nerd.. :>

I love makeup and shoes.. ~___~

I have no mucsle mass.. xD

Im an open minded person.

As for My hair colour; it changes constantly because I dye it so much..

Ive had blonde, blue, pink, cherry red, dark red (think Axel from kingdom hearts), neon orange, and purple done before.. xD My natural hair colour is a silver blonde, but too plain for me..

Im a horrible flipnote artist to be honest.

Im a MILLION times better in real life.. XD

Im mostly obsesed with anime..

Im familiar with A LOT of them..

My favourites are Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, Deathnote, and Elfen Lied..


I just dont understand it.. I love Nel though..

Im a hardcore gamer.

Pokemon and Zelda are the object of my obsession..

Im mostly into old school games now though, n64 and such..

Blaghh... herpdederp..

I want to marry Peirs Morgan, Proffesor Snape (harry potter), Aeon (castlevania judgement), Gakupo (vocaloid) ,Sebastian (black buttler), Mateus Palamecia (FF13), Deidara, Hidan, Itachi (Naruto) and Sephiroth (FF7)... XD

I absolutely love anything vocaloid/utau...

I cannot tell you a distinguished favourite, I love them all..

I have bought most of the popular vocaloids, as in the ones with ACTUAL anime personas, so basicly no fanmades.. Except Lily.. who was made by fans.. I think of it as a collection..

Im scared of rain, plane crashes, and car crashes.. xD

I hate sunlight, sun burns, sun screen, and bugs..

Im vegan, i dont eat animal products of any kind.

I dont care about other people doing it, its just not for me.. xD

I have made wonderful friends on here and am very thankful for it.