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Hey so...

I have 3 series im workin on at this moment... Here is where I shall shed a lil light on the details of them... <3

17 With Twins (Formally 16 and Pregnant)

The main characters are:

Sophia- She and Andy were together waaaay back in the first episode. Sophia got pregnant with him, but Andy left her when she needed him most. Her daughters are Emma and Alexis. Her currant boyfriend is Max.

Max- He was Sophias neighbor when they were little but he moved away. He came back mid 16 and Preg and hung out with Sophia. They got closer and now they are together. He is very protective of Sophia and her daughters.

Andy- Sophias ex and Emma and Alexis' father. He left Sophia early in the series but made appearences throughout 16 an Preg and 17 with Twins. He's in jail as of 17 With Twins ep 2

This series pretty much came to me randomly and i went from there... No, I did not steal the idea from anybody else's series...blah blah blah.


Surviving High School:

Main Characters:

Kayla: New girl, her parents moved away from their old home because her dad got a job transfer. She's human, unlike her friends.

Shay: Kayla's new friend. Shay is a werewolf, she can change into a wolf as she pleases.

Vanessa: Shay's best friend. She's also a werewolf. She changed Shay.


Alex in Fairyland

Alex: Main character, her parents "died in a car accident" when she was six. She's just found out not only that shes a fairy, but shes the princess of her tribe of fairies. Her best friend Marceline (Marcy) is also a fairy.

Marceline: She's Alex's best friend. Alex sometimes calls her Marcy.

She is also Alex's currant appointed guardian.

This series is based off of an ongoing story I've been writing... I mainly created this series to also help me with a few of the details and storyline of my story... In this series, the bods of the characters are edit mes, WHICH I DIDNT CREATE AND GIVE CREDIT OF THE ORIGINAL EDIT ME BODS TO ALL ORIGINAL CREATORS.