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HELLO HATENA!!! I'm Celestial; a band nerd in love with science, and music is basically my medicine. XD I know...I'm addicted with Vocaloid. There is 1 main thing you gotta know about me: I will get along with just about EVERYONE. I can never hate anyone nor there is there a reason for me to hate anyone at ALL...so don't worry... the best way to defeat and enemy is to make them your friend. LOL...I'm such a wiseman...er....girl. XD I'm Mexican-American, and I love saying "I feel....MEXICAN!!!!!".

I love to be aggresive, but I try very hard to be nice....>o< I'M ALSO A FLUFFN INUYASHA FAN AND SHIPPO RULEZ!!! XD Anywayz, if y'all wanna know, me is a Jehova Witness and I'm proud!!! X3 Hope y'all love meh cuz I already do, and ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DA...ZIP-A-DEE-DAY!!!!XD