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Yo, Cero Bladewing here in a box telling you 'bout myself. I'm 17, male, Brown hair, Brown eyes, white, 5'11 tall, glasses.

My brother's Aka-Rougia a.k.a. Redtehlugia. My sister is Dragonfly719 and my brother-in-law is GTG-SDJ.

I practice Martial Arts (Tempered Fist) and Kendo (Advanced Swordsmanship). I like to draw Anime, Yiffy, and Robotic-Fusions. I like to play xbox, my gamertag is FlameVeemon.

I'm going to be a Robotics Engineer and own my own corporation.

Well that's it, hit me up on facebook. If ya gota brain you should find me easy if not, you fail and should be punished.