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I know some people dont take the time to read this but what the heck? why not use it and put down things that only people that read will find out.

Gender- Female Age- 16 B-day - July 26 Status- Single

Fav. color- Green/blue Fav food- everything

When i make flipnotes, i tend to do it at knight where i have to rush so i wont get caught.. so my art turns out like a peice of s*** ... When people ask to be my friend it kinda annoys me and makes me feel speshal at the same time.. but seriously, Get to know who i really am, talk about yourself and i might think about it.

I have been drawing anime for over 4 years and am still not as good as the others, but im making my way up there. PLease give me hints/tips/Complements, Those are what makes me be more motivated... yes i am greedy for stars but will not trick you, i dont like cheating...

On flipnote Hatena im Rp as a girl named Madison,Princess of sky kingdom and an Angel to all who need help. even though her Step father abused her, shes still strong with the blood her father in her, I will make a comic laiter on but right now i have to become famous enouph so people see my comics (working on them now)