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Herpderp Darkbunny is back. >:D Sorry for being gone for a long time. I hope I didn't scare anyone. /o3o\ But I was busy getting better at drawing so I could come back and amaze you all. (lol not really) Anyways, watch out for new flips from me! My animation is probably gonna be really rusty for a while so bear with me.

~About Me~

I'm Darkbunny, though my real name is Sammi. People on here can call me by my real name, Darkbunny, Bunny, D-Bunneh, Darky, Darklez, whatever you can come up with. I'm just a girl with a dark sense of humor and has interests in a variety of things. I'm an animal lover (I love rabbits, foxes, and cats the most) though I'm not extreme enough to be vegan or whatever they call it. My time on Hatena has gotten me interested in animation, and so I've decided that being a cartoonist will be a long term goal of mine. I'm terrible at drawing humans, anime, and anything realistic. I draw very cartoony, but with my own spin on it. (I've decided to call it the "Bunnyesque" style.) I'm one of those people that you need to earn respect from. Sure, I tend to be a bit gullible, and maybe a bit of a doormat, but I'm not going to tolerate trolls. If you get to know me, I'm random, "derpy," and just plain weird (in a good way).

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