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Neo the Hedgehog

Age: 16-17

Personality: Shy, Headstrong, Caring, Mischevious, Cunning, Calculating

Relationship Status: Unknown (Still no confirmation as of yet if he and Fiona are an item, and agents sent in to find out have been reported MIA)

Whirl the Fox

Age: 15

Personality: Funny, Caring, Outgoing, Brave, Courageoes, Fearless, Hardworking, Stubborn

Relationship Status: Single

Xbox Live: UNOP EternalARK

YouTube: MephilesAuditore

DeviantART: MephilesAuditore

Minecraft: MephilesAuditore

Facebook: Not. Telling. You MephilesAuditore

Fiona has told me I play Minecraft too much, so I went for a quick run, and when I got back she was playing it. How's that for Irony? Scourge wants to do something big... And he said it involves Anarchy Beryl so now I'm wondering what he's planning...