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Hello! My name is Distortion and I am a Stickfighter from Winchester in England. Before drawing Stick Fights I have done certain comedy-situated flipnotes. I am twelve and go to Kings' School. I am part of group B in the Omega X Clan and have designed it's official logo.

Within Stickfighting I would consider myself to be a 'perfectionist' however I am still learning from other people. I believe that Stickfighting has helped me as I will always keep improving, unlike normal comic drawing, as you can see with the progression of my flipnotes.

I have 1 actually WRITTEN friend, his name is Euan, he goes to my school but on hatena he's a bit of a fail. He's on my faveroutes list. But I guess I still have lots of friends on hatena like Gogoku, Zephyr and Volume. I'm going well for my standard now with over 50,000 stars!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on flipnote hatena!