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Hello people!

We will be departing to a new and strange adventure called my life.

I was born in a hospital in California in May 10 1998. I was raised in Tijuana, BC Mexico for some reasons.

I have had a very strange life but pretty cool. It's almost all exciting and depressing but I had suffer over much pain I'm just a sad teenager but i'm very strong and I will never let people see me suffering. So I just don't cry or show any feelings cause I don't like people to feel sorry for me I'm like EMO but I don't like labeling so i'm just myself. My name is Marisol I'm learning to play the Piano & I like to read. I'm loud sometimes and I'm too shy and I have a very low self steem. If you get to know me you will probably like me and I have a big attitude so I hope we can became friends:) So I'm boring sometimes, sarcastic(very.) I live in my own mind I like to call it the dreamed world cause it's the way I want the world to be nothing perfect humans aren't perfect they would never be but they make many mistakes that shouldn't happen. They were given the gift of perfection but they throw it to the thrash for their ambition. I like dogs almost all kind of music. I'm very friendly I like to meet new people and i'm very funny and annoying sometimes. If you need someone to help you with all your problems I will be happy to hear them and if I can I will help you as a friend does. If you don't like me just don't talk to me or just say it and if I can I will change it. I think that's all about me. <3 & if you want to know something else JUST ASK. I will be happy to answer. :3







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