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I am a 12 year old boy who likes to make flipnotes and get awesome fans and comments. Check my hatena acount every month for my flipnotes that will be created and posted. I love 2 chat and rp with my friends,i love 2 read,play pkmn white,and to chill. My fav. series is Warriors. Also 4 all of u pkmn fans,my f.c. is 3911-8383-1508 Name:Tristin.Well dats about it see ya later ^-^ Everyday im shufflin u just gotta love that song•Update 4/18 12:35 am -one of bestest of best friends is Umbredog she funny smart energetic and reliable shes one of the friendliest ppl u will meet u ppl should look @ her flips shes awesome

Random Fact of the Day from me:Did u know porcupines can float. lol

Random Fact of the Day from Umbredog:Did u know that a female pray mantis eats the males head before it mates.=( so sad but u gotta love dem lol well see ya l8er bye ~Mario Bros~-gone-