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I am probably the

funniest yet most annoying person you will evah meet. I hate starbeggers, flipnote stealers and False Reporters. I have many friends @ school, and I live in Houston. If you live in Clear Lake, TELL ME!!!! I MIGHT know you. Ummm... I like EDIT ME's and Contests. if you have a contest, I'll gladly enter it. and ALWAYS remember-

Notice the unknown

Pay attention to the world around you

and nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something

I have 2 Series; Reflections and Blood Perfection.

woah. i just realized how much they sound alike... Anyway if you would like to read them its on both of my channels. However, the Thumbnail for the first Blood Perfection says Mini Series. Not Blood Perfection.

I plan to Finish both of my Series

BLOOD PERFECTION IS NOT ABOUT VAMPIRES. Just puttin' that out there. :)

Reflections is an Action Adventure Ramance Fantasy. That one has the most progress so far.