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im a video game geek, a computer nerd ,and i have foot-in-mouth disease.

I'm not beggin when i say:

"Stars are appreciated"

Sorry but i don't have much reason to post or get better without any motivation.......I try to add stars to my friends....0FTo

LOL i don't know what to say....well at the moment i don't anything but memes and edit me's (don't be fooled by the spin-off sign, it is an edit me and a meme{supposed to be edited})lawl....

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Edit: 6/14/11

Well, i haven't gotten very far, but i thought i might as well edit my description. anywhos (something a friend of mine once said) thx to anyone who's my fan and/or ever commented constructively. also i no longer wish to set dates to when i'll finish flips, i'm too lazy for that.............0w0

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Edit: 12/2/11

Sorry for not posting lately, but i've been obsessed with minecraft, so yeah. Hope i finish moar stuffs an some-in'....