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Hey guys im 11 (>.<) lol yea so im an anime artist known poular in japan and my series fate heheheh!I QUIT ON IT! and my new series trust.Im gonna stick with it and im already done with part 2 oh and u guys plz add stars and comments.So about hero story im gonna make it after im done with trust the series.............. oh and ppl plz stop saying that BOSS is the best you dont even give ppl the chance to let them prove they are as best as him or a different style of GOOD .OH and if i get called a hater im just saying whats true oh and boss sorry bro im just giving other ppl a chance to make good flipnotes that actually get in to the popular list oh and if im bored i might just make stick figure fights here are some people i look up to and inspire me and also who support me into making trust siri_leigh;BOSS;octopuyam;CAROL;xavier;AZURE;BK;COCO;Pain;Greeninja;linkfan;DA_KUN;DARKHART;and last but not least nathan.G oh and if u want to request anime drawings for your picture just comment and add stars i might request stars in favor but it might not happen im Fillipino so yea thanks for having me on hatena oh and ppl u need to stop adding stars to those add 20 or 30*"s to see the picture i didnt put in i am a boy so im a boy lol "_"naustios -_- brock"s eyes ^_^happy face lol