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"The Earth without art is just 'Eh'."

"Kindness, I've discovered, is everything in life."

  • Isaac Bashevis Singer

Hello there Hatena! Im Civil, just a regular 16 year old guy who loves to animate and draw. I hope you enjoy my flipnotes and I look forward to seeing some of yours :)


Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me anytime at and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Please make the subject "Question For Civil" It'll make it easier to find the emails that way, please label it that even if its not a question XD, thanks! Also I do have a YouTube account, just made it but don't expect many videos on's mostly for my flipnotes. So yeah, feel free to subscribe to that if you want :)

Account: CivilCreations

(It was GUNNA be Civil but SOMEBODY stole my name...or I stole theirs...either way, I didn't get the name I wanted XD)


My 25th Zelda Anniversary flipnote YouTube URL:

Leave me some feedback ;)


Important Stuff You Should Know:


I'm getting annoyed be frequent questions like "What song is that" or "Where did you get that audio?" Its ALWAYS in the DESCRIPTION. Read it. :P If you have a real question, Email me or ask it in one of my two Profile Icons.

Erase my signature!:

If at anytime, I post a flipnote for you to spin off, PLEASE erase my signature. Once you spin it off, it is no longer a "Civil Production". Plus, I don't want my signature being used by people who aren't me. Thank you!

My Chat Room:

If you break the rules excessively I will block you for a little while, not forever.

Feel free to use my chat even when I'm not there, just please follow the rules :)

I look forward to chatting with anyone who comes in!;D


About L.E.A.:

Remember this stone age old series from my old account? Well, I am in fact going to post a few episodes from time to time. These episodes will have nothing to do with the plot and will be much like Brock and Clyde. Hatena doesn't have enough Zelda humor, I'll take it upon myself to fix that ;)

Based on the epic and humorous manga series written by me and my co writer, "Becky". It spans 3 full notebooks front to back and its not even completed. We also hope to add more before we follow through with our plans to publish it. We are close to starting L.E.A. II: Majora's Mask, a much darker tale of Link's Adventure through Termina. (Both Manga books are based on Nintendo's Legend of Zelda Franchise, all rights owned by Nintendo, and we are in no way affiliated with them.)

Ha, can't sue me now!


My Citizenship:

Apparently I got it on the 23rd of October when I got my 28th Flipnote day. I was confused so I asked Hatena about it and Aaron said I had it. I'm not making a channel until I have 30 flipnote days.

Note: I now have my 30th Flipnote Day as of Nov. 5th, which is also my 1 year Hatena anniversary!!! :DDDD


Best Ranked Flipnote: 5

As of: April 14th 2012

Highest Creator Rank: 6

As of: April 14th 2012

Fan Milestone: 3000

As of: Nov. 5 2011


Fan Milestone: 10,000

Highest Creator's Rank: 1-3

Best Ranked Flipnote: 1-3


My Series:

(Yes, yes I know I haven't posted any of them other than B&C but I plan to, okay?)


In Development: This is where all my non series flips will be listed :)



  • How old are you?: I am 16.
  • How old are Brock and Clyde?: You know, I've never pegged them at any particular age but if I did, I'd say about 16 or 17.


About me:

If there is one thing you can ever be sure about me its this: I love The Legend of Zelda. I have beaten every consol game at least twice (Not including the NES and SNES games, those are UBER hard) and have beaten Master Quest once with my two brothers. I love it! :D But thats not ALL I do, I DO have a life.

ANYWAYS (:D) I enjoy riding my bike and hanging out with mah friends. I DON'T however like falling off my bike :D. umm...I feel like I didnt write much for this...but that's really all there is to say...umm...lets see what I can think of...OH! Reading is fun, too. Yup. That's all I can think of so I'm going to start writing about Hatena! I started the day the DsiXL was released. Me and my brothers pre-ordered it cause it's AWESOME! So...March 28th 2010 I made my first flipnote...Looking at it now it was bad...and rather random. I never finished it. lol. It was a guy running and then a sword appered in his hand and then a giant drill came out of the ground and...there was a house behind him...then it sort of ended at page 35 or so. Like I said, I never got around to finishing it! :D. Then I started an account with my brothers in November 5th 2010, and then I got this account on April 1st. Yeah! What a great story! All I can say is "Flipnoting" takes a lot of practice, and I HATE practicing, but in order to get better you need it. So, never get discouraged, YOU WILL GET BETTER! :) Just practice and even learn from others, thats what I did. Ask me what ever you want in my profile icons 'cause I read all my comments, most likly I will reply with and answer that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I would just like to thank all of you for being SO awesome, I really apreciate the faves and the veiws, and the stars...really, I appreciate all of it:) THANK YOU!!!

Well, this seems like a good place to leave off so I guess I will stop typing. NOW

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Jacob (Last name is none of your business)






March 10th

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Seriously, why is this even an option? XD


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A town in Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Wisconsin


Animating, drawing, writing, video games, biking.

Special skills

Animating and I can help just about anyone who's open to it :3


English and broken Spanish

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