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I´m just only here to share all the things with the world!

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I´m just only here to share all the things with the world!

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Updated: August 16

Hey Everyone, maybe you heard about Aster´s Story (or maybe not), well, here is his creator, ASTER!, the series will be ready this month, and Terry Copesy maybe too, but, I´ve got some bad news, the SMRPG movie maybe will be forgotten... why?, well.., because I want to begin Aster´s Story AND Fall want to finish TERRY COPESY!,GEEZ!, wow! I´ve met a lot of people here:

If you want to be my friend too, you just only have to ask, don´t forget something, if you need help for something (except sprites), you can always trust in me

I have a DeviantART account too, here you can watch original drawings of Aster´s Story and another stuff

"If you can´t fell the happiness, make others happy, to fell it throught them"

"Why are we here? I don´t know, but I know something else, until your purpose it´s done, which neither you nor I know, you´ll be here, looking for it, with me on your side"

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Actualizado: Agosto 16

Hola a todos, tal vez hallas oido acerca de Aster´s Story (o tal vez no), bueno, pues aqui esta su creador, ASTER!, la serie estara lista este mes, y Terry Copesy posiblemente tambien, pero tengo malas noticias, tal vez el proyecto SMRPG caiga en el olvido, ¿por que? bueno.., porque yo quiero empezar Aster´s Story Y Fall quiere acabar TERRY COPEY! CARAY!, wow, si que he conocido gente:

si tambien quieres ser mi amigo, solo pregunta, no olvides algo, si necesitas ayuda para algo (excepto sprites), puedes confiar en mi

Tambien tengo una cuenta en DevianArt, aqui puedes ver dibujos originales de Aster´s Story y demas cosas

"Si no puedes sentir la felicidad, haz a otros felices, para poder sentirla a traves de ellos"

"Por que estamos aqui?, eso no lo se, pero se, que hasta que no cumplas tu proposito aqui, el cual ni tu ni yo sabemos, estaras aqui, en busca de el, conmigo a tu lado"

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