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I love all of my fans on flipnote hatena. my biggest fan is Cheyenne Nickname:Chey. I love contest, action, comedy, and other flipnote channels. I like to chat online. I own a Nintendo WII. I like to play WI-FI with people. I hate people who annoy me when I cyber chat on flipnote hatena and other web sites. I hate school no matter how many times people convince me school is fun. My brother goes on flipnote hatena also- Name:Flame ID:Pyrus. I love helping people who r new 2 flipnote hatena. I love to make other people's flipnotes better. I come on almost every day 2 flipnote hatena. I respect all my fans who watch my flipnotes. I only get angery when called names or made fun of. I was Alice's 1st fan no lie. Ask her yourself but she might not remember though.But still ask her. Also i like video games. Examples of games i like: MarioKart WII, My sims, MarioKart Double Dash, MarioKart DS, Guitar Hero 1 2 3 4 and 5, and other games. I love 2 win contests. i hate losing. I have a yellow lab named Sophie. I love 2 create my own charecters. Fan update DJ and Chey r both my biggest fans. Do u play MarioKart Wii??? If u do tell me ur friend code in any of my comment sections. Reminder: if my name changes 2 JOTS its ok its still me or is it? Charecter Update CooleoX is completed from his process.Charecter update!!!!!! new charecter coming soon!!!!!!!!!- Name:ZOTS Skill:? Age:20. I have new flips everyday so check them out. Update 1/25/10 was my 9th day of posting don't ask what happened to the other days [its a long story]. More about me Gender-Male Age-13. i own an Xbox360. I have an annoying mother and brother. My fav Sonic Charecter is Shadow the Hedgehog.On Feb,9,2010 Bioshock 2 came out for Xbox360 and PS3.Update 2/16/10 was my 20th day of posting that means 10 more days till I become a Flipnote Hatena Citizen! I can't wait to become a citizen.Warning for:Hatena Zots will not become a charecter so don't ecspect him to come out because I decided not to make him. Congrats to the Saints for thier winnings in the Super Bowl.Update 2/14/10 biggest fan now is only Dj.Update 2/17/10 biggest fan is now katrina.Katrina and I r dateing :).Update 4/14/10 KIEKIE,Kenna and Katrina R my biggest fans and for that they all get a fan bonus of 50 *'s! UPDATE! I'm now 14! [I turned 14 September 16th. UPDATE #2 I'm not dating Rennata anymore i'm now back with Katrina.Mood on 5/25/11 (In DENYL). My Bestie :) (Neko<3).If you read my thing neko i'm sorry forswearing @ you and secretspy and whoever else i might have hurt :( i really want to say sorry but you blocked i guess i will just talk to my other friends :( bye i guess until another time......-jotzcackkle