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Hello peeps,the names Nova! or coolmint or mint or what ever lol.

I love to make stick fights and make series! I like collabs but people never ask me cuz i sorta in the noobish stage but i think i'm getting better! I just started making my own head sprites so yeah...

Code blue: This is a story where my O.C blue winds up on a beach called "shy beach" He remembers getting pummeled by some dude with a mace tail(you find out his name is milo later) Then this character Port3r(porter an awesome creator! :P) Helps him out and thats what i have so far...and the bad guys base.

Frozen specter(to be announced)

Working on remaking part one..deleting all my old flips of the series they s4ck!!! lol but it starts out when its at night...thats what i have so far...

Its gonna totally be remade characters and everything!!! wish me luck because this got more epic! :P


P:S considering making a stick fight clan called "VENUS" ya know the