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Im a 10 year old girl with a passion for anime and a MEGA passion for Kirby.I LUV KIRBY!Cottany is actually me wih cat ears and a cat tail but Im not actually called Cottany.Also,isnt Momo cute?o3o

I think Momo is adorable but that might just be me.^_^

I luv drawing anime with my friends and I think Momo and Kirby match(theyre both REALLY cute!) and should be friends.Momo has a crush on Cottany (his bff O_O) but Cottany has a crush on Kiwi,but Kiwi likes Chin Chin (a bit) but Chin Chin likes the yolkies (thinks theyre cute,doesnt actually,LOVE them)but they fight over Flut ,BUT FLut likes Momo xD those are some of my charas,heres a (VERY SMALL) segment of my chars.









Chin Chin






I have probably 150 chars.

It wud take me days to put them all in xD But anyway,I hping you enjoy my flips and Im not new anymore!OvO PARTY!!!(I got flipnote in august last year but I stopped for months and came back) so plz dont expect my flips to be spetacular and plz be nice and add me plz!^_^


Old noob description^

But anyway fans, u l

might think I have hardly any fans, I get them SLOWLY and my flips need to improve...Well they do!And my manga drawings are alright at the moment but I NEED to get better!!!!Whenever Im not on,Im either working on projects or practising manga (most likely manga)so expect,me to get better with every flip!(but never expect it to be good) I get inspiration from Sara and her sister Alice.THE AWESOME SISTERZ!!!xD if u 2 read this (but u wont)then U R AWESOME and OVER 9000 times better than me!xD




anyway time for teh news :U


Uhhh hey....

Yesterday was my worst Easter ever

It was boring and something rlly bad happened...

I broke mah dsi

It wont even turn on

Because everything that I drink,I spill.. >:U

Im such an idiot

I spilt rock shandy on mah dsi while I was doing a quiz

It worked for a bit then just turned off :U

I was thinking WTH

Then when I turned it on again...the bottom screen was white.The top screen was black and it said something like 003E500 or something O_o

then I turned it off and turned it on...Same thing happened

Then I turned it off and on

The same thing happened except there was no 0035 something or other

It kept doing that.So mah dad took out the battery(which doesnt work anymore) and dried all around it


Same thing happened except the 0035 thing was just gone

I left it to dry for two hours

Same thing

another hour

Same thing

a few more hours

same thing except it wouldnt turn off

Now...The light wont even come on

the screen doesnt even change

It wont even turn on

Thats the end of this account

I guess Ill have to get a new account and start again T_T

Why am I so clumsy????!?!?!?!?!?! >:U