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HI!I am here to say some stuff about me! lets begin!well,(BASICS)I am a girl and a not very GIRLY GIRL!I am a person that people always get attached too(even boy's)I am also very nice and hyper active!!!BUT I AM NOT A PERSON YOU OR ANYONE WANTS TO MESS WITH!!!Anotherthing is I LOVE ALL MY FRINEDS HERE AND OUTSIDE OF HERE!Oh & I love my family too!!!(just a reminder) to say some stuff that are not basic stuff you would think of me...well here some it goes!!!I am a wierd kid that no one understands in the world(olny on hatena)I seem to like creepy stuff like physco stuff....(kn!fes & etc.)I am very young but a perv (sorry for h@ters)I am ALWAYS called a boy at school because the way i act and the way I fight(with FIST!)umm...I still like girl stuff but more into boy stuff...I think that is enough info there is more but I am lazy LOL >:3 peace!!!