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Hi! I'm Crystal397, nice to meet you all!

Hmmm what should I put...

Well, I am a nice person. I like to have fun and entertain people with my flipnotes. I love to draw, read, act, and write. I play the Violin. I love Anime and Manga. I listen to Vocaloid, Jpop, Jrock, and regular rock. I also play on DeviantArt, TinierMe, and Palringo.

I like:

Pokemon,Naruto,Bleach, One Peice, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hetalia, Zatch Bell, Yu Yu Hakashou, Avatar the Last Airbender, Bobobo-bobobobo, Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh, Oran Highschool host Club, Sailor Moon, Kekkaishi, Vocaliod, Soul eater, Digimon, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Inuyasha, One Piece, Black Bulter, +Anima, Yotsubasa, Sakura Taisen, and Much More that I am too lazy to put~ Just ask if I watch/read a certain one, and I will tell you yes or no Lol xD

Well, thanks for taking the time to skim through this! xD

Life it too short to be summed up in a profile~