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A friendly Christian like 12 year old that loves to help people! :)

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A friendly Christian like 12 year old that loves to help people! :)

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I have always been a lover of animals...but most of all dogs.There was always something that fascinated me about them.Wolves are my thang now! XD! If anyone needs prayer of any kind just tell me 'cause I love to help anyone in need. :) I love y'all!!If anyone wants to know i'm 12 and in 6th grade.

Love, Cub Folan

I want to say thanks to my sister Dogmaster1 for always being a good friend for me. Sister I'm greatful that you are in my life, rather i have met you or not, because you are ALWAYS there for me. You are a great sis and I adore you for it. Thanks Bud. Loves you as a sis!


Please look at my best friend, Buddeh! She is a really funny person and a epic drawer! BTW: She loves cats so yeah!

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Credit to : Gods Wolf

I'm makin...a Story? iguess...

The Truth

“Conall, are you sure it was your father,” Adolph, the alpha male questioned.

“Well. Let’s see,” I snarled, “We have found the blood---of my brothers, the scent of my brother and my father, and I witnessed the crime.”

“NO!! IT ISN’T TRUE!!” Ethelwulf howled while moving his muscles ready to pounce on me. I couldn’t take a chance. I pounced on his shoulders and pushed his face into the ground making sure his face was in the gritty dirt.

“SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS BAG OF MOOSE SCAT!!! And stop your grunting! You didn’t give me the name Conall the strong wolf for no reason!”

He replied with a sly grin following with a snort “Man! I can’t believe I’m the father of this lying scrap of meat! Do you really believe him over me?”

Yes!!! Nobody would believe you Ethelwulf, the noble wolf!” My mother sneered.

Ethelwulf grunted with an evil look in his eyes, “What! Fridolph, you can’t possibly believe this, can you?!?!”

YES I CAN!! I’ve smelled the scents! All of them were only yours and Faolan’s!”

“Let me go to the river and smell these scents.” Adolph’s gaze turned to Ethelwulf “Then I’ll say if he is guilty or not. Conall, you can come with me and show me where.”

As I nodded in agreement Adolph shouted “Rudolph and Lowell, keep Ethelwulf with you until I return. I’ll count on you to keep him captive, the whole time.

The alpha sighed. “I watched him grow up. I never thought--” he stared at the ground in shame, his ears lying flat on his head with oily tears raining off his face.

As I nuzzled him his lip grew to a snarl “No. I won’t let this upset me. My father used to say to me ““Pup. Things happen in life, some you can prevent, some you can’t. But what--

ever your problem, just prey to Udolph. He will answer your prayers.”” That was when my father knew he was going to die soon. I never forgot his words. I will execute your father. I will do as my father wants and prey to Udolph.”

We headed down the river bank back to our camp in utter silence. While we were growing near we heard snarling in the camp. Sprinting to the clearing with my heart pounding in my chest I saw a flash of tumbling wolves. With a sigh of relief I realized that it was two young wolves play fighting together.

Adolph glanced sideways at me with determined eyes then bounded over to my father.

Why, Ethelwulf? Why?!”

You wanna know the honest to Udolph truth?!”

Why not?” The Alpha male grinned. “You are going to die anyway.”

Like an erupting volcano, my father explained, “Because—he wouldn’t follow the family traditions!”

“What family? I see none that you are worthy of.” I blurted.

“Oh, Conall, my dear. You will know soon enough.”

As the assigned wolves were taking Ethelwulf away, I heard my mother howl to him,

“I hope you see Udolph, so he can spit in your face and send your flea-bitten soul into the darkness where you belong.”

“Fridolph, you pleased me, some of the time.”

“Y-You NEVER pleased me!” And with that, she walked away and didn’t look back.

With a sly grimace on his face he turned and looked at me saying, “You better watch out Conall. You are almost 12 moons old.”

Wow. I’m so scared,” I grumbled.

Little did I know, I should have been scared.

The Bond

Deep in thought I didn’t realize who I had rammed into until I did it.

“Oh—sorry D-Dusk.”

Licking behind my ear, the quiet wolf replied “No problem. I know you have been through a lot. Especially with—”

“Okay! I get it. You all feel so sorry. Such a pity. Blah, blah, blah. I wish everyone would stop babying me and start treating me like the wolf I am!”

Fear makes a wolf bigger than they are,” he spoke wisely.

You know, you are pretty smart.”

“So are you. You just have learned to hide it so much because you are ashamed of being who you really are. You want to blend in, not stand out.”

I could feel my eyes widen as he spoke.

“Dusk… how did you know that?”

“How don’t you?”

Before I could react, he nuzzled up to me. I didn’t care. I was honestly depressed. Even though my father was a mass murderer, I still loved him.

Why didn’t I know it? I had somehow fell head over heels in love with Dusk. He started hunting with me, helping me with my fighting skills, and even sleeping beside me in the omega den. Every time I’m with him I feel like I can do anything.

“Can I tell you something Dusk?”


Your father didn’t die by falling in the river and drowning.”

With a questioning look he asks slowly, “W-h-a-t? How would you know?”

“My dad told me everything he did, hoping I would do the same. He said that…”

“What did he say?”

“Before your mother, Jen was showing she was going to have pups, my father was jealous, because he wanted to be Jens mate. Seeing that Dusk was just then connecting with your mother he saw his chance. He killed him like prey. Then he threw him in the river and said he had drowned in the river. My father turned Jen down when he realized she was going to have you fathers pups.”

Silence sliced the air as Dusk gritted his teeth.

Licking my ear he mumbled, “Thanks for telling me.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Conall, you know it’s not your fault. You father is all to blame. He’s dead now, so just forgive and forget. Okay? Hey! Wanna go cool off in the river?!”

“Sure.” How can he do that? Just change the subject like it never happened?

I’m in a dark camp that looks just like ours. What is this place?

“Oh Conall.”


My father appeared out of the darkness with glowing red eyes, rather than his normal red right eye and black left eye.

Two days.”

“What dad?”

“PSST! Conall!” a voice, not my fathers, whispered.

Opening my eyes I saw Dusk standing over me. “What?” I grunted.

“Follow me!” He zoomed out of the omega’s den.

Stumbling from sleep I hurried after him through the forest.

“What are we doing?”

I’ll tell you when we get there!”

Standing in the clearing were several wolves.

(BTW: This is the story line of "Conall's Life")

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