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Hi stalker!

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Hello there stalker! (kidding)

You are very welcome to my creators room!

yes as my username says my name is Maria but I have a second name, its Monica. Feel free to call me whatever you want!

I havent been much and I havent posted much either :P

Yeahhh.... Im a busy slowpoke who has a hard time with inspiration...Im also VERY, VERY VEEERYYYY lazy

I live in Mexico, so yes... expect random spanish comments from me.... :D

Though for posting so slow a have made many awesome friends here! :D

Here is a list of some of them!:

<3Abril (alias A.Carmine)

Snoopy or Diana!


Tamasgirl aka Tammy

Mezy! or Mezmorize


Cyclone TC

yoshi_106 (aka Karo)



God, I wish I wish I could thankyou guys personally for all your support you have brought to me! I would be all jumpy and then suddenly Ill hug you out of the blue and say: Muuuchasss Graciaaaas mi friend!!!!!

Random stuff!

I loooove music! My favorite songs are El Poeta by Chino y Nacho, Rain over Me by Pitbull (our song Luceritoo!;) ) What makes you Beatiful and One Thing both by One Direction, Sirena by Sin Bandera, Caraluna by Bacilios, Forget You by Cee Lo Green, DJ got is falling in Love by Usher, Without you by Usher ft David Guetta and Love is gone also by David Guetta!

Oh! And Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo!

I also Love drawing tweeting, chatting on Facebook ( by the waaay tell me so I can add you!)

I Love hanging out with my friends, watching movies and many other stuff!

Things you should know about me:

I loove Perry the Platypus! (es mi platonico! ) Jaja also Yoshi

Im scared of darkness, of my mom in the mornings, of spiders, rats, of lonelyness....

I can be some what bipolar! Jaja yeahhh I can be sad then the next minute happy!

Instead of saying haha I type jaja without thinking b/c in spanish we mostly do it like that

If I dont know you too well or at all I would be all sweet and stuff but once I get confident Ohhhh baby! The randomness starts!

I dont post much... (you might have noticed that already....)

Favorite quotes!

"Its better to be ridiculous than completly boring" .Marilyn Monroe

Hakuna Matata! . Timon and Pumba

Dont worry be Happy! .?

Grrrr! .Perry the Platypus

"You've got a Friend in me" . Woody and Buzz

When the Love of power over comes the Love of power, people will know peace" .Jim Hendrix

When you want something You've never had, you have to do something you've never done" .Unknown

Get out of my head and fall into my arms instead" .One Direction

1,2,3,4 Dalee! .Pitbull

Golly by Gosh! . AbriL

Eaaaa! .wwefan

Shut up ugly guuurl! .my sister Penelope ( in spanish Callatee FEA!)


Ayyyy ayyy ayyy! Let it rain over meee! .My friend Lucero (original by Mark Antony)

Arrrrghhh!" .Chewbacca

Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is Green and the girls are pretty! .Guns n Roses

Te queda pequena pa frase te quiero! .Chino y Nacho

Ahhh que macha! .my friend Lucero .... again jaja

Lalala whatever! . Hot Chelle Rae

Problem? .Troll Face

Eooom.... That'a all :?




Ay no se ni como empezar prima! Jajaja te amo dms XD en serio que si! eres mi mas grande inspiracion! y te doy gracias por todas esas noches donde en Facebook me rio en voz alta por nuestras conversaciones y despierto a mi mama! jajaja LOOOVEEE YOUUUU sooo freaking mucho primaaa! You are just the BEST!

Keep shining!


Omg you girl are just sooo crazy!!!!! I remeber those looong evenings chatting with you when I was supposed to be doing my homework!!!!!love my naquita buddy!


Diana, Diana, Diana ohhhh Diana jajaja te amo mucho mi amiga! edlm te lo juro! You rock!


Gabrielle! Girl, you were my first friend on Hatena! How can I not adore you?

thanks for your support MEZY! And also thanks so much for all the wonderful gifts you have made for me! I ABSOLOUTELY (if thats how you spell it....) LOOOOOVE them!

And special thanks to my fans! All I can say is Gracias!


Well thats all! Thanks for reading this! ;)


A la mad.... digo.. bestia Maria! No sabes cuanto te adoro mi amor! Eres mi todo preciosa, te lo juro. You know I love you a lot my love, whether you like it or not

;) Y como dice la cancion Tu meee quiereeess peroo yo te AMOOOOOO1 Esaaa es la veeeerdaaad!(Y tu que bien lo sabes XD)

Hahaha yes! As a matter of fact Jose, Miguel and I just LOOOOVE hackng you my bud!!!! Claro queee aveces aki Josee se pasa de romantico nooooo?? Pero que le vamos a hacer pues? Te veoo en Face amiga! LOVEYOU TOO! Y todavia creoo que eres una POBRE MORRA SIN VIDA!!!! XD

Er... my english is no very good so I DONT know what me I can I say xD Yo tmb te quiero my friend :*

I am lost

I am vain

I will never be the same

Without you



This sing describes me perfect.

Full name

Maria Monica Garcia Leyva


Girl.... Im gonna slap you if you think Im a guy!




April 25


Student :P

Place of birth

Mexico DF


Reading, drawing, playing the piano, hangingout with my friends, making stories.... Much more.

Special skills

Drawing? You tell me!


English, spanish, just a little, little but very little of german and portuguese