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I love to go outside and I do educational games (blecch)

I love pizza

I can sorta sing (I think)

I'm sorry I didn't get 2 finish right away.

And b4 I start let me give out some special thank yous... lol thank yous...

Special Thanks 2:



Taylor TM

NightWolf TM


Josher TM


and Gabe/Greencap I don't know...

And a special thx 2 the 1 who inspired me 2 create my series DBZ in RL:


He is the biggest part of my flipnotes. I was watching DBZ in RL b4 I got

an account on Hatena. WAY B4.

And My Youtube Account User Name is J4Breaker. And my friends Youtube account User Name is thejosher51, search him down or... DIE!

My best Hatena friends:

Juan Carlos


Anthony o~o

Lego Nerd

Epic A

MY Most Supportive friends:


Lego Nerd

Anthony o~o



Thank you all!


10,000 stars -yes

50,000 stars -no

100,000 stars -no

100 fans -yes

Over 50,000 views -o3o wut? yeah like that'll happen. LOL

Friends -YES, that was one of my most important goals!

dB Thank u all 4 helping me get into the MP. Now my Spongebob flips keep getting in the MP! That MV really help... I almost have 10000 views on that XD Spongebob flipnote...

...More description available l8r