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Name: Daiana ;')

Sex: Female

Age: 13

Birthday: December 16 (holla at me)

Born: Uruguay

Language: Spanish && English

Living: Philadelphia, Pa

Adress: NONE YA:'P


( )taken

(x)crushing :'D

~About Me~

I am nice, fun, funny, sporty, sweet, natural flirt, helpful, loyal, honest, smart when I want to be, energetic, creative, friendly, && a great friend. I LOVE to play soccer, softball, basketball, && volleyball. I am very talkative so please Hit Me Up:)would love for you to add me and talk sometime..any time;)

~Other Ways To Hit Me Up~

Email- daiana_flawless@live.com

Ps3- daianabeast101

Oovoo- daianabeast123


Text Me <3 Luv My Friends:D