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Hello, who-ever is reading this!

My name is Amethyst the Echidna. I have been a Hatena citizen for over a year, and this is my story: I am the 10th member of the Thelbësor family, a clan that is derived purely of the Element Masters of the 14 Realms. My mastery lies in the spiritual element, so it is my duty to keep a watchful eye over the Spirit Realm.

When I was 10, something tragic happened to the Thelbësors...one of us, the master of the death element, turned against our practices and wiped out the masters in one night, and exiled them to their realms.

Before this fate could befall me, I froze myself using my ice chi abilities, and I lay in wait for 3 years within Lake Jasper..

Finally, I was thawed and awoken by an echidna named Cobalt, and now I can use my abilities to save my family... and for use on Hatena!

Here are my stats:

Name: Amethyst

Age: 15

D.O.B.: 7/23

Species: Echidna

Element: Spirit

Sub-Element(s): Mind, Ice

Team(s): Team Lunar Star (Sync, Heather)

If I think of anything else, I`ll put it here! Hope we can be friends here on Hatena, and if I already am...I love you, bud!!

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A.K.A.: Amethyst