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Hey guys its Tammy!

I'm 10 turning 11 on december 7 :DDD

I have only 3 O.Cs(IDK WHY I'm thinking of one now!)

ok lets see.....

Cassie the cat Age:15 B-day:December 13 About her:Nice,Super funny

Artistic,Creativie writer,a little worried about herself sometimes,(Well hey! everyone has a problem >:O no ones perfect!! except for me lol jk!!)

Blake is her bf.maybe.Social.But she has alittle bit of friends(BECAUSE EVERYONE IS MEAN!!! in her world >:0 Poor Cassie)Now heres a fun fact(maybe):Cassie is born with red bangs,curls and on the end of her hair.Also the red on her eye lids,now everybody, on her eyelids its not makeup! shes born with it! okay? remember dat?(Ok I guess im getting annoying ;o im also worried about my self too!)Also,Don't mess with cassie or else there will be big big big trouble.Dun dun dun.Okay moving on to the next character.

Blake the hedgehog Age:16 B-day:January 15 About him:Cassie is his bf(MAYBE!!!)

Super funny,(Just like Cass)Shy,Gets nervous when around Cassie.Blake and Cassie sittin' on the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.Blake:well thats immature.Blake also is rude to the creator of him sometimes.Blake:..... okay, the good news he is generous.Blake:Finally.Smart,and likes to pull pranks.He is born with red bangs .Okay moving on to the last Character.

Story time.

Cassie:Hey are you that rude 10-year old blakes been blabbin' about.


Cassie:and you look familiar.....

Me:I'm the creator of you!!!

Blake:I thought you were the creator of me.

Me:The creator of all of you!

Me:Why is everyone so mean to me?!

Misty:I'm not :O

Me:Fianlly! at least someone cares here.

Cass and blake:.........

i just wanted to get that out.

Misty the Fox Age:15 B-Day:December 9 About her: Was born frozen.But melted by Cassie.thats why shes so blue!Sweet,Makes everybody feel better like that story

i told,she can be too nice which annoys some people,likes to help,shes mostly has the compliment:She is cute.She will always be there for you and never lets you down :).Cassies Bff!Loves hugs!!!(How sweet!)Very social.(just like dolphins)

She loves dolphins so when you go to her room everything would be just dolphins.(or maybe shes obsessed)She even had a dolphin framed tv!

ok thats them!*Glass of the window breaks* BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake: wasn't me!

Ok this is about me now!Blake:BOOOOO!Shut up Blake.Blake:.........Cassie:*Giggles*

Blake:You cant take a single joke i say.

You remind of my bestfriend/cousin,jackie

Sorry,about that its just his lil joke

I can draw very well.I,m working on my realistic drawings.Everybody says i can sing well(except for my dad and me)

Social.But no much friends because my world almost everybody seems mean.

I talk to myself sometimes.My bff thinks im funny...Idk if i am or not.is good at playing the piano.I wanna have a piano,(as long the piano dosent have a naughty additude!lol)

I wanna a guitar and i want to play it!I can be lazy at doing things...

And my dream here is to be the 1# creator and famous.

I have a 3DS but my mom put it somewhere...Idk my friend code.SORRY!!

I like to listen 2 katy perry(shes my fav ^_^)

When I was little i listen 2 love songs all the time.

Blake:Sorry I was all rude to you is just I want to make stories funny!

Its okay sorry for being so boring...

ok thats all...

Have fun on hatena guys!

~Tammy :)