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hello my name is Dannyale and if ur wondering how 2 pronounce that its just Danielle my most fav ppl on hatena is the most awesome ppl EVER lol Quecky cook adora doll x-man22 slorf rogue ezio 320 Azazel sorry if i missed anybody :) im 15 i make flips about lovestorys and just random stuff lol luv 2 draw random stuff like eyes butterflys and any kind of wings lol and if u have ever seen any of my flips u can tell that i love making music flips and that i luv evanescence and tim burtons films& making flips with my fav songs from my fav bands/singers so if you like my flips add me or add stars if u want 2 i just love making flips 4 u guys:) Update7/11/2012 lol sorry i havent ben posting any new flips i dont have internet so i can only get on when i can and my Dsi is stell Broken btw i allways say my dsi is broken i'll tell you what is wrong with it i cant charge it cuz the part where you plug it up is bent and i have to switch batters with my sister to charge it. then i have to switch them back grrrr that takes for ever XP so...yea its not so easy to make/post flips any more (Bummer) lol but if your reading this and you got this far... I... LOVE... YOU lol thanks 4 reading and if you are a fan of eanescence tim burton and/or my drawing/flips YOU ARE AWESOME! and if not...

your stell awesome:p